What's next?

A safe and inspirational environment

With the completion of the building work, our immediate focus shifts to enhancing the overall appearance of the school and its surrounding yard. Presently, the entire building, inside and out, wears a uniform light grey color due to the applied render on the walls. Regrettably, this monochrome scheme lends the school an unintended resemblance to a prison rather than an inviting and joyful space for learning. Our goal is to transform the school into a vibrant and welcoming environment that reflects the essence of a happy place where children can thrive and the entire village can take pride.

The school yard, unfortunately, still bears the appearance of scrubland scattered with broken block work and discarded building materials. During the wet season, it becomes overgrown with grasses and weeds, necessitating regular cutting and burning. Our vision is to revitalize the yard by removing all debris, stones, and unwanted materials. 

We plan to treat the soil with a weedkiller and bring in two or three tons of local sand to create a safe playing surface, ensuring that children can enjoy their time without the risk of injury or harm. Through these improvements, we aspire to create a school environment that fosters both safety and inspiration for all.