Our most recent activities

Improved sanitation

In contrast to the old school's outdated pit toilets, which emitted unpleasant odors and were plagued by flies, it appears that Damara installed them primarily for cost reasons and due to the absence of running water or convenient access to it at the time. Although pit toilets can be safe if well-maintained, the enduring stench of human waste and the presence of flies are discomforts no one should tolerate. Recognising the need for an improved sanitation experience, our new school took a proactive approach by implementing a modern soakaway system. The result is a nearly odorless environment, the elimination of flies, and an overall enhanced toilet experience for everyone involved.

Access to safe clean water

Following a successful agreement with the Water Committee, we obtained permission to extend the main village water supply from the community borehole, allowing us to install two taps at the school. This vital development not only ensures access to clean water and improved sanitation but also significantly reduces the risk of waterborne illnesses, thereby encouraging higher attendance rates among children. The impact of our dedicated taps extends beyond the school, benefiting our bakery and poultry farm as well. No longer burdened by the need to trek to the distant village taps, our team can now efficiently access water, alleviating the physical strain of carrying heavy loads back. Looking to the future, our self-sufficient water supply will play a crucial role in upcoming school projects, including the establishment of our own school garden where we aim to cultivate vegetables and fruits

Keeping the children safe

The presence of a high school wall holds paramount importance, even if it may not contribute to the visual appeal of the school. Its primary function is to ensure the safety of our children, teachers, and the school community as a whole. This protective barrier proves especially beneficial in managing the inherent challenges of containing very small children within the school premises. Beyond human security, the wall serves as a deterrent to unwanted intruders, including animals, by effectively delineating boundaries. By keeping potential threats on the outside and our cherished children safely within, our school wall stands as a steadfast guardian of our educational environment.