Visits and Trips

If your looking to explore the North Bank then let us take the pressure away from you, save you from the hassle of negotiating a price, relieve you from the worry or trust and allow you to look forward to a unique experience in the safe hands of Siiboo and our tour guide Ismailia  

For  many a year now Ismaila Jammeh  (AKA Smiley)  has been running Sharon, Colin and the rest of the Siiboo team all over the North Bank.  Whether it be dropping of shoes and clothes along the remote villages along the  Senegalese border,  visiting the Lions at Fathala Wildlife Reserve , fishing on the River Gambia or teaching the team how to play the drums on the beautiful island of Jinack  nothing is to much bother for him and were proud to call him our friend!

Siiboo and Smiley can provide you with a door to door service so all you need to worry about is sun cream and mosquito repellent. 

Your day on the North Bank

So we're off to the North Bank which means heading to Banjul and jumping on the Ferry.  We've got this covered. Smiley will meet you at your hotel and take care of everything for you, your car to Banjul and your ferry tickets are all included in the price so sit back and enjoy the ride! The more adventurous amongst you might want to try the 'local boat',  if this is the case let Smiley know and he'll make the necessary arrangements. 

Once you've arrived in Barra your next car or jeep awaits (Please specify if you want a car or jeep at the time of booking) to take you to the destination of choice and an experience your not likely to forget!

Both the Lion Adventure and the Game Drive necessitate popping over the Gambian  land border and in to Senegal so your passports and proof of vaccines will be required.  Also, please bare in  mind James Island is a distance away so an early start is necessary. 

Siiboo Nursery School

Visit the Siiboo Nursery School, meet the staff and listen to the children sing for you and let the head teacher Mariama Gomez tell you about the children's education, the Gambian education system, the hurdles and challenges they face as well as the joys and success they've had.

After you've visited the school  time will allow for an opportunity to explore the ferry town of Barra.  Soak up the sites and sounds and and as you wander the main street and experience the aromas from the busy town market.  

*Cost - D3100

Lion Adventure

Enjoy a Lion Adventure – a once in a lifetime experience. Take the opportunity to interact with the lions and accompany them on foot. An unparalleled experience that offers insight into the behaviour of this species, with lots of photo opportunities.  The lion walk is 40 - 45 minutes in duration.

*Cost  -  D5500
Entry Fee -D1800 per person.

Game Drive

Take a glimpse into West Africa’s past on board a safari truck for a local game drive which run morning and evening. Expert guides will help you to explore the bush and its inhabitants, including rhino, giraffes, buffalo, zebras, warthogs, monkeys, antelope including the endangered Lord Derby Eland and more, all roaming free. This experience allows you to get close to these incredible animals which have been reintroduced to their natural habitat, so be sure to remember your camera!

*Cost - D5500 

Entry Fee -  D900 per person.

James Island & Slave Museum 

James Island (AKA Kunta Kinte Island)  sits at the mouth of the River Gambia, and welcomes a number of visitors every year who come to take in the unique site. Here historic remnants of the slave era are clear to see, and include contours, gun batteries, and dungeons, all set to an atmospheric backdrop amid old baobab trees and a striking landscape.

*Costs -  D5000 

Inc Food and Drink +  D500 each per person


The Cost price includes;

  • a return taxi trip for up to 4 people from your hotel to Banjul ferry terminal.
  • return tickets for the Banjul to Barra ferry,
  • a return taxi for up to 4 people from Barra ferry terminal to your chosen destination.
  • guide / driver for the day.

Please be advised that:
  • it is possible to combine trips, it may be possible to do the Lion Adventure and Game Drive on the same day, please ask Smiley on the day. 
  • all trips to James Island will include a visit to the Siiboo Nursery School.
  • prices were correct at the time of publication  (24th Jan 2022).
  • the exchange rate between the Dalasi's and CFA may effect Entrance Fee's.
  • Siiboo is NOT a tour operator and everyone travels at their own risks. Please refer to your own travel insurance for cover.