Team Siiboo

Sharon Fox

Married to Colin, mother to four and Granny to two Sharon is one of Siiboo's founding members and the charities chairperson too.

Sharon is hugely passionate about giving the kids in Bakindik the best possible start in life by providing a completely free education irrespective of religion or tribe.

Colin Fox

Husband to Sharon, father to four and Papa to two Colin is the charities secretary and a founding member too.

As well as project managing for the charity Colin is passionate about providing goods and services for the benefit of the very rural Bakindik community.

Bunja Saidkhan

Bunja (AKA Ratty) is Siiboo's right hand man in The Gambia.

A family man from Buniadu Ratty is employed by the charity to take care of it's day to day business.

Equally at home in meetings with the Ministry of Education or digging foundations for a new build his skills and commitment are endless.

Mariama Gomez

Married mother of one and just recently qualified Mariama is Head Teacher at the Siiboo Nursery School.

Working to the syllabus as set by the Ministry of Education Mariama and her teaching staff teach 90 children aged between 4 and 7 before they attend Lower Basic School and the enter the state funded education system.