The BIG little Shoe Appeal

It's Back

Now we have a clearer picture of the post Covid landscape we've reintroduced the BIG little Shoe Appeal and we're back asking for those little shoes that are now too small for growing feet. 

Since 2006 we have shipped thousands of shoes to The Gambia and found new little feet to fill them and we're now hoping to ship thousands more. 

Not only does the lack of footwear often lead to medical conditions  that can end up crippling and debilitating a child, the lack of footwear can also prevent a child from getting an education.  Although  education is not compulsory in The Gambia a school uniform is  and no shoes means no school.

So  we're asking for shoes that have been outgrown and/or unwanted so we can ship them to The Gambia and  find new little feet  to fill them. 

How to Donate?

Donating could be easier. Pair the shoes up, tape them together, tape a £1 coin to them and drop them off at any of our collection points.

Why the £1
We ask for a £1 donation per pair as it costs us considerably to ship thousands of shoes 4000 miles and then taken to rural villages in the the provinces on the North Bank of The Gambia. 

What can be donated?

As we support early childhood development then we are only taking donations for footwear that would be suitable for children up the age of 10 ( Adult size 5).

Is all footwear accepted?
Absolutely! So long as the footwear is in good condition, clean, not ripped, has no holes, buckles and zips work and the footwear has life left in them then they'd be good to go.

Shoes, trainers, wellies, slippers, sandals, flip-flops, boots, padders and high heels. we take them all.

Will I see who gets my shoes?

Our team in The Gambia do an exceptional job of providing us with pictures during the distribution process and it's hoped you'd be able to spot footwear you may have donated.

All the images received from The Gambia are published on our Facebook group .  Throughout the shipping we post updates of the containers location so your children can track its progress.  

Where can I donate?

We are always looking for shops, schools, businesses, clubs and organisations to  get involved and set themselves up as collection points and if you. your club, business, shop, school or organisation would like to get involved then  please get in touch.


Collection points can be found below.

Collection points

Seascale Primary School - For school pupils only.
PJ's Nursery & PJ's School Holiday Club, Seascale - For nursery pupils only.
Gosforth Primary School - For school pupils only.
St Bridget,s Catholic Primary School.