As you'd imagine Covid has had a significant impact on our fundraising events and as such all projects have been put on hold so we can afford to maintain our primary objective of providing a free education for children aged between 4 and 7 in the rural village of Bakindik.    With no spare funds and no idea of what a post Covid landscape will look like we are - for the time being -  wholly dependant on financial donations and our sponsorship scheme to keep the charity going and keep that spark of hope in the eyes of our children so many miles away.

Any donations will be gratefully received.

School Build

So close and yet so far!

Before the Pandemic struck the school build was only a matter of days away from being completed.  Once the floor is levelled and tiled we'll be able to hand the 3rd classroom over to Mariama and her teaching staff where they'll be able toto provide a free education to an additional 30 children.

The total cost for completing the third class is D31,295 (£474).  

If you'd like to help support this project financially bags of cement as well as boxes of tiles can be bought in our online store (clicking on the image will take you directly to it). 

We need 18 bags of cement and 45 boxes of tiles (£5 per bag or box) to complete the build so your support would be hugely appreciated.