Feeding Program

We are all absolutely delighted that one of our main objectives has now been achieved and as of Tuesday 15th February 2022 a feeding program was introduced at the  Nursery.   55 children were fed porridge made with maize and milk then sweetened with sugar and the smile on their faces tell us that they enjoyed it very much.  Having a warm nutritious breakfast before lessons begin make an incredible difference to the children, being more awake and attentive throughout lesson makes learning easier for them, not to mention making life easier for the teaching staff too! 

Our children on roll has now gone up to 83 and therefore the price to feed the children has also gone up It costs £11.60 to feed the entire school, 14p each per child per day.  While this may sound like a minimal amount it's beyond many parents in Bakindik who - on a day to day basis - struggle to feed themselves and their families.  £11.60 is a lot of money for the charity to find on day to day basis too and that's why - for the time being - the children only get breakfast twice a week.  However, you, your work, a club you're in or your circle of friends could help us change that by joining the 'Breakfast Club.'

Siiboo Breakfast Club is made up of members of the public, clubs, businesses or others who have contributed toward the Feeding Program.  Those who donate will automatically become members of Siiboo Breakfast Club and their name will be added to our club membership further down the page. 

If you'd like to buy breakfast for our children then please use the link below to visit our store.

During the checkout process you will be given opportunity to choose how many days you'd like to buy for.

Siiboo Breakfast Club 

Club Members

Nicola Stephenson

Steve Jones

Verity Rose

Joy Byrne

Philip Burney

Norah Messenger

Moray Jack

Cheryl Snowdon

Claire Bostel

Fiona Pringle

Lisa Oliver

Yvonne Burnney

Rachel McCulloch 

Beverly Roberts 

Andrea Mitchell 

Grant Hodgson  

Mary Reynolds 

Allison McAleer 

Carole McDonald 

Caroline McMinn 

Sue Iggulden